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Regular Board Meeting

Agenda: 09 22 23_SEPTEMBER_Board_Agenda

Date:  September 22, 2023

Time: 2:00 PM

Register in advance for this meeting:  https://navajoprep.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYqceqoqD4iGd3tU42EP8I5LYAmsnfSyPar

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

All NPS School Board meetings are being held in-person and via Zoom.

The Navajo Preparatory School Board of Trustee’s meets in the Student Success Center (1220 West Apache Street, Farmington). If you have questions or have special needs, please contact Yvette Escojeda at (505) 326-6571 ext. 120. Individuals wishing to address the Board of Trustees through Public Comment are asked to complete a Request Public Comment form (located on the back table in the Student Success Room) prior to the meeting. Individuals will be called upon to speak during the three minute Limited Public Forum section of the meeting.

Speaking in front of the School Board

Guests will be called upon under the Public Comment section of the meeting. 

In-person guests wishing to address the Board are asked to complete the form found on the sign-in table.  Completed forms should be handed to the Board President.

Virtual guests - Comments must be received before the public forum section. During the School Board meeting, enter in the chat box the following information: type the words “Public Comment,” and state, "I have read the form," your full name, and the topic you want to discuss.

If appropriate, people who wish to speak to the School Board are allowed three minutes to communicate with the School Board.

Public Comment Form 2023


Navajo Preparatory School, Inc. is governed by a four-member Board of Trustees. Members are elected from the Navajo Nation Agencies, in accordance with Navajo Nation Election Laws, and one member is appointed as a non-voting ad-hoc member.


Anderson Yazzie, Jr.

President, Western Agency

Anderson Yazzie, Jr., Vice President, is serving an eight-year (8yr.) term on the Board. Mr. Yazzie has a Master’s of Education in School Counseling and Human Relations. Mr. Yazzie works with the Arizona State Department of Education and offers over 16 years of educational expertise to the school in the areas of highly effective schools, professional development, academic and instructional best practices, evaluation, federal program reporting and budget, and data analysis.



Sherrick Roanhorse

Vice-President, Central Agency

Sherrick Roanhorse, Member at Large, is serving an eight-year (8yr.) term on the Board. Mr. Roanhorse graduated from Navajo Preparatory School in 1999. As a former student, he demonstrates the school mission of Yideeskaagoo Nataani-Leaders of Today and Tomorrow[JD1] . He has a dual Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and English. Mr. Roanhorse has served the Navajo Nation as Chief of Staff with the President's and Vice President's office. He currently works in Government Affairs at PNM Resources. As an alumnus of NPS, he shares a commitment to the students and the school's ongoing growth toward excellence.


Dr. Bernadette Todacheene

Secretary, Northern Agency

Born to descendants of the fierce leader Zarcillos Largo, in New Mexico sector to the late Harriet and Clement Goodluck, Sr. of Shiprock, NM. Clans: Naneeshtzhii (Zuni) adopted by Tachiini (Red on Forehead) born for To’a’heegliini (Water-that-flows-together), Chei- taabahii (Edge Water), Nallie- Dibe tliizhii (Blacksheep).

Dr. Todacheene followed her parent's motto of “Go to School, Go to School”, attended courses from areas Colleges, and graduating from the University of New Mexico, with a BS of Elem. Ed., a minor of Bilingual Education, Doane College, attained a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. Also attended Fielding Graduate University, graduating with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Change.

Dr. Todacheene taught for Central Consolidated Schools (26yrs.) at Nataani Nez Elementary and Tsebitai Middle School, BIA 21st century grant administrator/acting Principal, Grant evaluator consultant, Lookahead Diabetes Research director, Shiprock Community Development Corp. community involvement, education representative on the Shiprock Chapter Planning commission.

Dr. Todacheene is married to Ronald Todacheene and has five children, seven grand children and one great grandson. She enjoys gardening, ranching, Arts and Crafts, sewing, reading, bowling, and out door walks with family members. Keeping updated on Educational developments in Bilingual education and new technology and business development.



Craig Lee Sandoval

Member at Large, Eastern Agency

Craig Sandoval has been a valuable member of the Board of Trustees since January 2023. His strong connection to Navajo Prep School began as an alumnus. Throughout his journey, Craig has fostered a deep appreciation for the school's mission and values.

Craig's dedication to Navajo Prep School extended beyond his time as a student. He worked as a staff member, contributing his skills and knowledge to support the school community. During his tenure, he gained firsthand experience of the school's inner workings, further strengthening his commitment to its success.

Outside of his involvement with Navajo Prep, Craig has found his passion in the mental health field. Drawing from his personal experiences and desire to make a difference, he embarked on a career aimed at helping others overcome their mental health challenges. Craig's expertise and insights in this field bring a valuable perspective to the Board of Trustees.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Craig remains engaged with the Navajo Prep community. Recently, he had the opportunity to accompany students on a memorable trip to Japan during the summer. The experience allowed him to connect with the students on a deeper level, while also broadening his own horizons.

Craig Sandoval's multi-faceted background as an alum, former staff member, mental health professional, and advocate for student experiences makes him a dedicated and valuable member of the Board of Trustees. His commitment to the well-being and growth of Navajo Prep School ensures that its legacy continues to flourish.


Marcus Nahalea

Ad-Hoc Member, Navajo Prep Student Senate

Clans: Tótsohníí (Big Water Clan), Hawaiian, Hashk'ąą hadzohí (Yucca Fruit-Strung-Out-In-A-Line Clan), Hawaiian

Marcus Nahalea plays an active role in the Navajo Prep community. He is a Native American of the Navajo tribe and is Native Hawaiian. Born in Tempe, Arizona and raised in Durango, Colorado and Boise, Idaho. Marcus is a candidate in the rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. During his sophomore year, he created a chess club to bring his passion to the campus of Navajo Preparatory. Other integral interest include archery, rock climbing, and chess. In addition to creating chess club, he is also a founder of the Science G & T. Being both balanced and open-minded, learning these virtues through the years of school experience. He actively uses these skills to make a positive impact in the community. He wants to pursue a career in clinical psychology to help those with mental illnesses in his community. Making a change in the world is one of his many ambitions.

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