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The mission of the Navajo Preparatory School has three tasks. The first is to prepare our students for a post-secondary education and to be leaders in their current and future endeavors. The next task is to provide a rigorous academic program with its foundation rooted in the Navajo philosophy of learning. The last task is to create independent individuals through the residential program.

As the academic department of Navajo Preparatory School, we are sincere in our mission. Over 95% of our graduates continue with a college education. Navajo culture is integrated in the school curriculum, both as school wide activities and within individual course content.

The course offerings, along with opportunities to take courses at local community colleges, allow our students to embody the school’s motto, Yideeskáágoo Naat’áanii—Leaders Now and Into the Future.

Navajo Language Instruction

Since 2019, Navajo Preparatory School has made it a strategic goal to graduate the numbers of students with the Navajo Language Seal of Bilingual Proficiency. The seal is awarded by the Navajo Nation’s Department of Diné Education. In 2022, one senior was awarded the Navajo Language Seal of Bilingual Proficiency.

The International Baccalaureate Program

The IB curriculum provides a cohesive and comprehensive liberal arts and sciences program of study for highly motivated students of differing educational backgrounds, abilities, and interests. It is not just a set of examinations, but a rigorous pre-university program, which will provide the basis for life-long education. The IB aims to provide a balanced program, which stimulates thought and creativity, and enhances the international perspective of students. Students who satisfy the demands of the programme demonstrate a strong commitment to learning, both in terms of mastery of content and the development of skills.

My education at Navajo Preparatory School was life changing. It opened doors to opportunities and helped lay the foundation for me to succeed in advancing my education and later, in careers serving the Navajo people at the federal level and in leadership on the tribal level. As the only residential college preparatory high school serving Navajo students from all corners of the Navajo reservation, there is no other school that offers curriculum compatible with Navajo culture and teachings at the same time exposing students to arts, sciences, and athletics, while preparing them to successfully walk in two worlds--that of our indigenous people and the mainstream. I’m incredibly blessed to have attended Navajo Prep and am proud of the impact Navajo Prep alumni have now and will have into the future as we serve our Navajo communities.

Santee Lewis, former Executive Director of Navajo Nation Washington D.C. Office