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About Us

The mission of Navajo Preparatory School is:

  • To develop inquisitive, compassionate life-long learners and leaders through a challenging curriculum of international education and assessment; and
  • To promote a strong foundation of Navajo Philosophy and holistic world view that fosters intercultural understanding and respect in a global society.

The mission is reflected in the IB Learner Profile and the School’s motto: “Yideeskaago Naat’aanii – Leaders Now and Into the Future.”

Our primary goal is to prepare students for college, supported by our mission statement. If you are looking for a school that can give your child self-discipline, time management, confidence, motivation, independence, and ultimately, preparation for college and increased success in life, Navajo Preparatory School is the school for your child in preparation for college and higher learning.

Admissions and Experience

Navajo Preparatory School emphasizes living in a community where learning, personal growth and exploration are top priority; where programs and activities are promoted alongside academics; where making friends is encouraged; and where success is celebrated.  We are built on a cultural foundation with an international awareness.  We have nightly study halls, academies, and tutorials for academic support.  Our students also experience some of the freedoms of college. Students live in dorm rooms and learn independence—which serves them well when they go off to college—as 95% of our students do.

Navajo Preparatory School is a closed campus. NPS is a safe and drug free school community where we have 24/7 onsite security, cameras across campus and a School Resource Officer. IDs are required to be shown by all visitors upon request of security officers. Our staff is CPR certified and trained each semester. In addition to this, we also have a Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) that responds to campus situations.  We pride ourselves in putting the safety of our students/staff as the utmost importance.

Visit our Campus Safety page for information.

Parents and their students must first register for Admissions Day which will include Parent Discussion, Application Online, state/school test, and Campus Tours.

The registration form is available online at https://navajoprep.openapply.com/. This first process of getting to know our program is very important for parents and their student, which brings us back to the question “Is this the right school and program for my child?”

Visit our Admissions Page for more information.

To be considered for admission to Navajo Preparatory School, Students must obtain, complete, and submit the following:

  • A non-refundable $20.00 application fee is due prior to the state/school test. This must be paid prior to testing date to the Business Office (505-326-6571 Ext. 125) with a money order or debit/credit card.  Cash payments can be made on-site with the Business Office. The admissions office does not take money of any kind.
  • Parents and their student can go to https://navajoprep.openapply.com/ to begin the online application process.
  • Student Questionnaire
  • Student Autobiographical Essay
  • Teacher Recommendation Form – Mathematics
  • Teacher Recommendation Form – English
  • Principal / Counselor Recommendation Form
  • State Test Scores from current school
  • Current Report Card (Minimum 2.50 GPA)
  • Certificate of Indian Blood (if applicable)
  • Birth Certificate and Social Security Card
  • End of School Report Card / Transcript from Previous School
  • Home Language Survey (New Students Only)
  • Interview from Navajo Prep Staff

Yes, the state/school test is offered here on Navajo Prep campus.

Student will take the NWEA test. They generally take between 1-2 hours per test. Students will take two tests, Math and English/Reading. 

Only those prospective students who are applying for their Freshman year. Students who are applying to transfer are not required to complete the entrance exam.

No, transfer students do not take the state/school test. Transfer students are those prospective students who are applying for 10th, or 11th grades, but must submit their most recent state assessment test such as AIMS, NMSBA, etc.

Yes, your child will need to sign up for the entrance exam to make sure that those slots for those test dates are not over the limit for capacity, and you must attend parent orientation/discussions before you sign up for the state/school test.

They generally take between 1-2 hours per test. Students will take two tests, Math and English/Reading. 

Dress comfortably, and you may bring bottled water and healthy snacks for breaks in between test taking.

The state/school test dates and times are as follows:

  • January: School Test Day (Occurs on a Saturday)
  • February: School Test Day (Occurs on a Saturday)
  • March: School Test Day (Occurs on a Saturday)

Specific testing dates will be sent out via email to all students who have started their applications.

No, we only offer the entrance exam at Navajo Prep, since we have to order and pay for the state/school test through our school.

Yes, students and their parents/guardians will have the opportunity to tour the campus once they have registered for one of the Discovery Days and state/school test dates.

You and your child will be interviewed at Discovery Days. They are typically interviewed by Navajo Prep staff including teachers, counselors, deans, and admission staff. 

You will be notified through the mail in Late April or early May whether your child has been accepted, placed on the waiting list, or not accepted.

Annual Fees include:

Native- $800(Day) $1000 (Residential) & Non-Native- $3000 + $50 (residential) 

Non-Native, Native & Residential +$50 room deposit 

$300 before school starts 

Day Student: $250 before schools starts 

We do offer monthly payment plans through our Business Office. 

You will need to pay the student fees once your child has been notified with an acceptance letter for official enrollment. The acceptance letter details that a $250 deposit due by June 15 will hold your student’s space in the academic and residential environment for the upcoming year.  If this is not paid by that date, your student will forfeit their space in the upcoming class.  The remainder of the balance can be worked out either up front or on a payment plan with the Business Office at NPS.

If your child applies for the Navajo Scholarship, the Navajo Scholarship office will need to submit a copy of your child’s award letter to Navajo Preparatory School Business Office indicating that you have proof of such an award to supplement your child’s student fees. In any case, should there be an outstanding balance, it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to pay for their child’s student fees.

All student fees refunds are based according to the Student / Parent Handbook and approved by the NPS Board of Trustees

You may request and apply for Scholarships at the following address:

Office of Diné Youth
Office of Youth Development
P.O. Box 1599 Window Rock, Arizona 86515

For more information and questions, you may contact their office at (928) 871-6882/6518, or their web address is:


We also are proud to announce we have another Scholarship called the Eve’s Fund Scholarship which helps with any fees. 

Visit our Financial Support page for more information.

Generally students follow these guidelines, however there is flexibility in the curriculum for students to follow their own interests.