Eagle Alumni Association


Welcome Alumni of Navajo Methodist Mission, Navajo Academy and Navajo Preparatory School, this is your page. As of January 19th, 2006 a small group of Alumni currently working at the School (Navajo Prep) came together to start an Alumni Association, and will be known as the “Eagle Alumni Association” that will encompass all schools and bring together all alumni to make old acquaintances new again, and to draw on the vast resources to continue to promote the education of Diné and Native American youth to become productive leaders in their communities. It is the belief of the newly formed Eagle Alumni Association that the grounds of the school have been always and forever blessed to educating the youth of the Diné and Native American nations.

For further information contact:

    Clara Pierce
    Eagle Alumni Association President
    (505) 427-6937

    Ceceilia Tso
    NPS Development Director                      
    (505) 326-5671 Ext. 123


Join the Eagle Alumni Association

Once you join we will send out event announcements and other opportunities for you to join in through networking and other school events.

Eagle Alumni Association

If you would like to donate, please come to the Business Office or call 505-326-6571 Ext. 125

Navajo Prep’s Business Office will accept these types of donations.

  • Credit card/Debit card
  • Money Orders
  • Cash
  • Absolutely no Personal check will be accepted.
    No credit card numbers are stored.
    ALL payments will be deposited into the Eagle Alumni Association account.

Thank you!
Eagle Alumni Association 


Alumni Transcripts

Transcripts can be requested through our School Registrar, Margaret Staggers at 505-326-6571 x128. You can also contact her via email at moc.p1545206946erpoj1545206946avan@1545206946sregg1545206946atsm1545206946.