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Bus Schedule

Download Bus Schedule SY 2020-2021

Transportation is provided for students on Sundays and Fridays for local and rural areas. The school provides several bus routes which are determined during the registration process. The buses depart at 4:00 p.m. on Fridays unless changes are made due to weather conditions or early release. The school conducts safety training’s for student safety. The bus route schedules cover:

  • Shonto Junction, Arizona
  • Window Rock, Arizona
  • Chinle, Arizona
  • Crownpoint, Arizona
  • And Local Routes (Shiprock, Kirtland, Farmington, Aztec & Bloomfield)

Parking Permits

Staff and Students are required to have parking permits for school safety. Designated parking areas are outlined for staff and student parking. A Parking Map is available on request.

Student Parking Permits

Student Vehicle Parking Permit forms must be filled out with copies of the following documentation:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Vehicle Registration

Student parking have limited areas for parking and school policies for parking permits shall be followed or a parking ticket will be issued. Students must check in with security for after school hours and with the front office for Academic hours.

Service Area / Bus Route