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The Residential Homes are located near and around the Student Success Center. The Homes are   accessible to many educational resources within walking distance. Quiet study areas with computers, Wi-Fi and lounge facilities are available for meetings and study groups. Our program focuses on a learning community to promote academic success. We adhere to all safety guidelines from not only the New Mexico Public Education Department but the Bureau of Indian Education.

In the Residential Program you will learn problem-solving skills and personal responsibilities to the House you are residing in with the support of the Residential staff.  You will begin your journey into adulthood and gain independence with a support network of Residential Advisors, counselors, and other staff to help with the transition from your home to our Eagle Home. The residential program builds self-confidence among our students and fosters a sense of community as you gain lifelong friendships with students from diverse communities.

3 Female Residential Homes

  • Bates House
  • Garrett House
  • Zah House

2 Male Residential Homes

  • Arthur House
  • Manuelito House

Brief History: About the Residence Home Names

Ernesteen Rose Bates, 1945-1993
Alumnus of Navajo Methodist Mission School, Historian, and distinguished teacher of Navajo Studies.

Lula Garrett, 1938-1996
National Division of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. Mrs. Garrett was instrumental in the establishment of the NPS and in the sale of the current school property to the Navajo Nation.

Peterson Zah
Former Chairman of the Navajo Nation from 1983-87, and first President of the Navajo Nation from 1991-95. Mr. Zah along with his administration helped establish the Navajo Preparatory School in 1991.

George Arthur
A former Navajo Prep Board Member, an alumnus of Navajo Methodist Mission School and Council Delegate. Mr. Arthur sponsored resolutions for Phase I funding in the amount of $7.5 million for construction of the residential halls.

Chief Manuelito, 1818-1893
Chief Manuelito was one of the principal war chiefs of the Navajo people before, during and after the Long Walk Period.

Residential House Features

  • Modern Traditional Hogan-shaped living room area
  • 7-day weekend program
  • Upper-level corridor area
  • Rooms furnished with 2 beds, desk, 2 armoires and 2 chairs
  • Free cable TV in common area
  • Wireless technology to meet the needs of the students
  • Shared laundry and kitchen facilities
  • Community bathrooms
  • Limited disabled-access accommodations
  • Non-smoking
  • After school activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Keyless entry
  • Caring and trained staff
  • Convenient of all campus activities
  • Off-campus excursions
  • Health rooms in each residential home
  • On-campus parking (optional with school parking permit)
  • Capacity: 96 residential (female homes; 64 residents male homes)
  • 24-hour security
  • Visitation monitored for student safety
  • ll Residential homes, offices and health rooms are equipped with an Echo Dot (Alexa) for communication

Manuelito House: Additional Features

  • Air conditioning
  • Zah Hall apartment
  • Rec center
  • Weight room

Residential Home Contact Information

Residential House Hours: 3 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Residential Checklist

As a reminder, please bring the following items for the first day of school:

  1. Two combination locks (Our Residential Program is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damage items; therefore, students are required to bring two combination locks at the time of check-in,
  2.  Facial mask(s), ( Optional)
  3. Comforter and/or quilts (Consider bringing sturdy, easy-to-wash items)
  4. Throw blanket
  5. Bed sheets (Suggested Size: Twin XL)
  6. Pillows and /or Pillowcases
  7. Mattress pad/cover
  8. Alarm clock
  9. Towels: bath towels, washcloths and hand towels. Consider putting your name on a tag in permanent marker, especially if you have plain white or other “anonymous” towels
  10. Shower shoes (Community Showers)
  11. Shower bucket/basket/caddy to carry items
  12. Closed containers for food items with a lid
  13. Standing Fan or Desk fans
  14. Personal Hygiene Items
  15. Approved medication (must be checked into a Residential Advisor including Epi Pens). Please Notify Residential staff and SBHC of medications. Please no excessive amounts of medication, over the counter medication and vitamins.
  16. Learning supplies: Per Dean of Instructions and on website.
  17. Water bottle/hydroflask
  18. Small desk lamp
  19. Laundry Detergent with coins (Quarters)
  20. Laundry hamper or bag
  21. Surge protector
  22. Encourage 7-day participants: extra bedding, mattress cover (set of 2 for transitioning to program)
  23. Chargers for electronic devices,
  24. Traditional Dress outfit for cultural event/activities.
  25. Back to School Forms

Find important Residential Life forms below:

Main School Line
(505) 326-6571

Bates House Front Desk
(505) 326-6571 Ext. 242
Health Room Ext. 240

Garrett House Front Desk
(505) 326-6571 Ext. 233
Health Room Ext. 238

Zah House Front Desk
(505) 326-6571 Ext. 232
Health Room Ext.237

Arthur House Front Desk
(505) 326-6571 Ext. 234
Health Room Ext. 239

Manuelito House Front Desk
(505) 326-6571 Ext. 231
Health Room Ext. 236

Security Contact Primary Number
(505) 860-2189
326-6571 Ext. 322

Security Contact Alternate Number
(505) 215-2342