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The COVID-19 Dashboard contains the most up-to-date Coronavirus data at Navajo Preparatory School and is updated the next business day. COVID positive indicates that a staff member or student has tested positive for COVID-19.

October 26, 2022: Up-to-date COVID Information

  • If you have symptoms, please get tested.
    • Employees need to contact Violet Kelley, Human Resources Director and share a positive result. Students will need to contact the SBHC and share a positive result. The SBHC can be reached at 505-326-6571 ext. 116
    • Contact tracing will take place during business hours.
    • COVID absences must be taken out of employee sick/personal leave.
    • Close contacts no longer have to wear a KN-95.
  • Click here here to watch the webinar
  • Click here to view the webinar slides in PDF.