Covid-19 Flow Chart:

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Return to School Plan

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Virtual Parent Day 


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Health & Wellness

Will face coverings be worn on campus? 

Yes, faculty, staff and students will be expected to wear masks in class, in public common areas, and inside buildings to help protect against the spread of the virus. 

What steps is Navajo Prep taking to ensure that campus is safe?

The campus is currently closed. Certain staff are able to enter campus and complete their job responsibilities with permission from the Head of School and Facilities Manager. A screening process has been implemented at the security shack where visitors must answer screening questions related to the potential exposure of COVID-19, and have their temperature taken using a touchless thermometer. Only those individuals who pass the screening process are admitted onto campus.

Will staff and students be required to complete COVID-19 testing before entering campus?  

Testing for COVID-19 will not take place upon campus at this time. If a student displays symptoms of COVID-19, the Student Based Health Center will immediately be notified. Our School Nurse will work with the student and their family to determine the next steps. If the student displays multiple symptoms and is advised by the Student Based Health Center to receive testing, the student will follow isolation procedures on campus. The student’s parent or guardian must pick up their student and complete COVID-19 testing at an off-site location. The Student Based Health Center will complete all follow-up and work with the student and family to support the next steps and campus re-entry.

What is the decision-making process regarding the re-opening of campus?

Navajo Prep consults with medical experts such as the New Mexico Department of Health, the Navajo Nation Department of Health, and governing bodies such as the Navajo Nation, the State of New Mexico, and the Navajo Prep Governing Board of Trustees to ensure that movement between the phases of the Return to School Plan is advisable and safe for students and the community.

What will happen if a student displays COVID-19 symptoms while on campus?

If a student has symptoms relating to COVID-19, students will consult with the Student Based Health Center where they will take the Center for Disease Control’s survey and determine next steps. The School Nurse will support students and their families as they determine whether testing is advisable.


What will the daily schedule look like?

The yearly calendar will remain the same at this point with the projected last day of school being May 27.  Classroom instruction will take place Tuesday through Friday with Mondays designated as Wellness Days, offering student academic, social/emotional checks and group activities focusing on overall student well-being.

The daily schedule will allow for all classes to take place for 85-minutes with an hour for lunch and Advisory periods at the end of the day. All students are expected to be in attendance at the start of each class period.

How will Navajo Preparatory School limit class sizes and ensure physical distancing as outlined by the Navajo Nation and State of New Mexico for classroom instruction and in administrative areas?

Depending on the square footage of each classroom, desks have been removed to accommodate a smaller number of students, approximately 8-11, with 6-feet of distance between the desks.  Students will be required to wear masks while in classes and throughout the school day.

 How will elective courses such as Band and Art be adapted for virtual learning?

Elective teachers have adapted their curriculum to think of alternative methods of presentation of material and assessment of understanding.  When possible, some items necessary to completion of the courses will be delivered to students at their home areas and allow them to participate as much as is possible in their courses.

 What are the expectations for students participating in classes online?

All students are required to log in to their scheduled classes at the set scheduled class time each day.  All classes at this time are synchronous with attendance taken at the start of each class.  Students are expected to log into Schoology, enter their class and join the video conference each day.  After class begins, teachers have the freedom to organize their class time as needed for the remainder of the 85-minute class period.

 Are students required to participate in the activities outlined on Wellness Mondays?

Yes, all students are required to participate in the Wellness Monday activities.  Advisory will begin at 8:05am and the remaining activities are planned for students to check in with teachers, tutors, support staff and other advisors as needed.  These wellness and academic activities allow students to step away from the regular daily schedule and have a break to work on their coursework and wellness opportunities.

How long will classes be offered 100% online?

We anticipate classes being 100% online for all students for as long as the public health orders and Navajo Nation recommendations recommend students continue to learn in the online environment.  We are hoping to begin Phase II, which includes a hybrid of face-to-face and online learning rotations at the start of the 2nd Quarter.

Are traditional grades being used for the semester?

Yes, all students will receive letter grades at the end of the semester. These grades will be incorporated into final GPA calculations.

What if my student is having internet connectivity/hot spot issues?

Students will need to communicate with their teachers and the IT Department as quickly as possible to relay the complications and troubleshoot the situation. The IT Department should be the first source of contact for all things related to laptop and connectivity issues.  They can be reached at [email protected].

 If a student misses a class period, how can they make up the missing work or class period?

All academic work, resources, lectures, and coursework will be located within the Schoology Learning Management System.  As a parent/guardian, you will receive access codes to look at your student’s courses and assist them with working through their coursework, staying on top of deadlines and maintaining their organizational skills. 

Campus Life

What cleaning protocols will be used in the residential halls? 

When students return to campus in Phase II, students will complete their cleaning and detail responsibilities. All safety measures will be followed, and a schedule will be implemented to ensure that students are practicing social distancing. In addition, Navajo Prep custodial staff will clean the residential halls and individual rooms on Wellness Mondays to ensure that the room is sanitized prior to another student entering it.

 Will students be allowed to go off campus to Walmart?


 Will students be allowed to order food from off campus (such as Grubhub, DoorDash)?


When students return to campus, what changes will be made to the residential housing?

Following the advice of medical experts, only one student will stay within a dorm room at a time. Students will follow a rotating schedule where their assigned group will be on campus for one week, every three weeks.  

Will students maintain social distancing in the residential halls?

Yes, students will have single rooms and there will be a bathroom schedule to minimize interaction between students. Common areas within the residential halls will be closed.

 If I don’t have internet and my hotspot is not working, can I enroll my student in the residential hall?

No, enrollment in the residential hall is based on eligibility, home location, and availability within the residential halls. The technology department will work with your child to problem-solve internet connectivity concerns.

If my child is a student-athlete, will they be eligible to stay in the residential hall?

Student-athletes will not be considered for residential eligibility until after try-outs are completed.

Will students need to wear masks and practice physical distancing in their dorm? 

Yes. Students will not be required to wear a mask within their dorm room, as they will be the only occupant. However, students will be required to follow all school-wide mask-wearing protocols while on campus.

How will you enforce new health and safety protocols? 

All students and staff will be trained to understand the importance of protecting each other by following all safety measures on campus. Students who do not follow these protocols may face disciplinary action.

Will student clubs, Gifted and Talented, and after-school programing still take place? 

Yes. Extracurricular clubs, after-school programming, and gifted and talented programs will offer virtual experiences so that students can continue to participate in these opportunities. Upon implementation of the hybrid model, some activities may also be offered in-person in accordance with the Return to School Plan. All activities will have a virtual component so that those students who are fully online may continue to participate.


How is Navajo Prep modifying practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Coaches will follow all NMAA and NM Governor’s guidelines. Temperature checks and COVID-19 health questionnaire will be completed before every practice. Athletes will provide their own water bottle for practice and games. Athletes will not share practice jerseys. Eagles Nest will have hand sanitizer stations and coaches will wipe down equipment after every practice. Athletic Trainer will also be available during practices. 

If an athlete contracts COVID-19, what is the protocol to return to sports?

If an athlete contracts COVID-19, the student will need to provide a doctor’s clearance note along with two negative COVID-19 test results. 

What is the modified athletic calendar?

Answer: NMAA has a complete 2020-2021 athletic calendar on the www.nmact.org website. 

How many athletes will be permitted on each team?

Due to residential space, we will only have a JV and Varsity team for volleyball and girls and boys basketball. 

Volleyball: 12 varsity athletes, 10-12 JV athletes 

Cross Country: 7 female varsity athletes, 7 male varsity athletes, 5 female JV, 5 male JV 

Golf: 5 female athletes, 5 male athletes 

Soccer: 22 varsity athletes  

Basketball: 12 varsity athletes, 10-12 JV athletes 

Football: 30 varsity athletes 

Baseball: 15 varsity athletes 

Softball: 15 varsity athletes 

Track and Field: 20 females varsity athletes, 20 male varsity athletes  

 Will parents and fans be able to attend games and sporting events?

The NMAA and Navajo Prep are currently in Phase One of the Return to Athletics Plan. In this phase, there are no fans in the stands. We hope to move to Phase Two as things get better with the virus. 

 Enrollment and Student Fees

Can students choose to be fully remote for the Fall and Spring?

Yes. Students will have the option to enroll fully remote for the Fall semester. At this time, we are awaiting public health data before determining the mode of learning for the Spring semester.


Will the student fee be adjusted due to virtual learning and students being off-campus?

 Student fees will not be refunded; however, Dorm fees will be credited $50.00 for the first Quarter.  If you have a balance remaining to be paid, the credit will go towards that balance.  If you have paid in full for the year you will receive a refund check in the mail.


International Baccalaureate

Will the IB be awarding IB diplomas and certificates this year? 

Yes, IB is continuing IB Diploma Programme and expects to assess students in May 2021. 


Will all of the rules of eligibility for the Diploma still apply? 

The usual rules for the award of the Diploma as shown in the General Regulations will apply in May 2021. 


Are the assessment criteria going to be changed, e.g.: ‘will there be any flexibility in terms of the minimum number of pieces required for the exhibition of the visual arts students? 

The IB has amended the criteria it assesses or the work that is required to be submitted for assessment (see the IB Amendments for M21 sheet). This will provide flexibility within courses, teachers are designing the curriculum to adjust lessons. 


Will the core components of Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS), the Extended Essay (EE), and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) still be required? 


  • CAS will be flexible; students may do CAS as an at-home experience or online. The CAS Coordinator, Donna Fernandez will guide our students in making their best endeavors to meet CAS requirements with modifications so as not to compromise their health and safety. 
  • The EE has modified deadlines and a new timeline. IBDP students will be assigned an EE Supervisor who is familiar with their topic. They will provide support and guidance.
  • TOK is still a course in the Spring of Junior year and Fall of the Senior year.