The residential halls have a beautiful front entrance located near our upcoming Student Success Center building where it is accessible to many educational resources within walking distance. Quiet study areas with computers and lounge facilities are available for meetings and study groups. What a great living learning community to promote academic success.

Female Residential Halls

  • Bates Hall
  • Garrett Hall
  • Zah Hall

Male Residential Halls

  • Arthur Hall (Male)
  • Manuelito Hall (Male)


History – About the residence hall names

  • Ernesteen Rose Bates, 1945-1993. – Alumnus of Navajo Methodist Mission School, Historian and distinquished teacher of the Navajo Studies.
  • Lula Garrett, 1938-1996. – National Division of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. Mrs. Garrett was instrumental in the establishment of the NPS and in the sale of the current school property to the Navajo Nation.
  • Peterson Zah – Former Chairman of the Navajo Nation from 1983-87, and first President of the Navajo Nation from 1991-95. Mr. Zah along with his administration helped established the Navajo Preparatory School in 1991.
  • George Arthur – A former Navajo Prep Board Member, an alumnus of Navajo Methodist Mission School and Council Delgate. Mr. Arthur sponsored resolutions for Phase I funding in the amount of $7.5 million for construction of the residential halls.
  • Chief Manuelito, 1818-1893 – Chief Manuelito was one of the principal war chiefs of the Navajo people before, during and after the Long Walk Period.

Residential Hall Features

  • Modern Traditional Hogan-shaped living room area
  • Upper level Corridor Area
  • Rooms furnished with beds, desk, and chair
  • Free Cable TV
  • Internet Connection
  • Shared laundry and kitchen facilities
  • Community Bathrooms
  • Limited disabled access accommodations
  • Non-smoking
  • On-campus parking (optional with school parking permit)
  • Capacity: 104 residents (female hall); 70 residents (male hall)
  • Security available for student safety
  • Visitation monitored for student safety

Manuelito Hall – Additional Feature

  • Air Conditioning

Residential Hall Contact Information

Residential Hall Hours: 3 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Desk Contact
Main School Line (505) 326-6571
Bates Hall Front Desk (505) 326-6571 Ext 242
Garret Hall Front Desk (505) 326-6571 Ext. 233
Zah Hall Front Desk (505) 326-6571 Ext. 232
Arthur Hall Front Desk (505) 326-6571 Ext. 234
Manuelito Hall Front Desk (505) 326-6571 Ext. 231
Security Contact Primary Number (505) 860-2189; 326-6571 Ext. 322
Security Contact Alternate Number (505) 215-2342

Residential Living