Yearbooks 2016-17

Buy a Yearbook Today!

Buy a yearbook before January 20, 2017 for $45. After January 17 they are $55.

To order a yearbook make your payment at NPS business Office. Read the flyer.

Treat Yourself to a Yearbook Ad!

Personal ad space in the yearbook is available for purchase to students, staff and NPS community members. Pre-order and Design your own ad today! Read the flyer.

  • Ad Sizes (Full Color):
  • Half a Page – $150
  • Quarter of a Page – $100
  • Eighth of a Page – $60

Deadline to Reserve: Wed. Nov. 16, 2016

To Order Ad Space:

  1. Make payment at NPS Business Office.
  2. Bring your receipt to the Yearbook Staff:
    Yearbook Advisor: Errin Smith 505-326-6571, ext. 126, moc.p1519119406erpoj1519119406avan@1519119406htims1519119406e1519119406,
    Yearbook Marketing Manager: Tyra Waybenais, moc.p1519119406erpoj1519119406avan@1519119406tsian1519119406ebyaw1519119406

*Pages are limited on availability. Pages are sold once space has been confirmed by Editor and payment received. A confirmation ticket of sale will be provided. Deadline to reserve is November 16, 2016.

Reserve a Business Ad

Make a lasting impression on the NPS Community, for years to come! Ad space in the yearbook is available for purchase to Businesses and Organizations. Pre-order an ad today! Read the flyer

Ad Sizes (Full Color):

  • Banners (2”h x 8.5”w) – $275.00
  • Half-Pages (5.5”h x 8.5”w) – $600.00
  • Fourth-Pages (5.5”h x 8.5”w) -$350.00
  • Eighth-Pages (2.75”h x4.25”w) – $200.00

Deadline to Reserve: Nov. 14, 2016

To Order Ad Space, Contact:

Yearbook Advisor: Errin Smith, moc.1519119406perpo1519119406javan1519119406@htim1519119406se1519119406505-326-6571, ext. 126
or Yearbook Marketing Manager: Tyra Waybenais moc.p1519119406erpoj1519119406avan@1519119406tsian1519119406ebyaw1519119406

*Your patronage and support is greatly appreciated. Ad sale proceeds will benefit the Navajo Preparatory Yearbook program.