Shímásání Café

Shímásání Café Staff (Left to Right)
Marjorie Hammitt, Terrie Shirley, Chef Ty White, Hazel Toledo, Cecilia Werito, Roberta Yazzie

Navajo Preparatory School is participating in the National School Breakfast, Lunch and Snack (Dinner) Program for the Academic School Year 2018/19

ALL NPS Students eat FREE!

If your children attend, breakfast and lunch will be available to them at no charge. All students enrolled at NPS are encouraged to participate in the USDA breakfast and lunch program at no charge. Meals will be served to all students. Navajo Prep is a Provision 2 School Provision 2 Public Notice 2017-18 which means we provide Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks/Dinner at no charge for all students. We follow all USDA regulations and guidelines. Read the letter to parents 
For questions please call 505-326-6571 Ext. 112

Dining Schedule

Breakfast: Monday — Friday 6:30 — 7:45am



Daily 10:50 — 11:55


Monday — Thursday  5:30 — 7pm


We work for the privilege of serving Students, Staff, Faculty, and Guests in a comfortable, caring and happy atmosphere.
We are committed to providing excellent meals and establishing life long relationships with our clients. We want you to be satisfied with your experience here and to enjoy a lifetime of optimum health and wellness.

We agree to support each other in honest communication so that we may continue to grow and learn as professionals and enjoy meaningful working relationships.

We will begin each day with the resolution – that life is wonderful, nutrition and education are marvelous professions and that this day will be the greatest day of all.

We request that our clients hold us to our commitments and inform us if we fail in any way, so that we may retain your confidence and rely on you to refer your friends to us.

To contact Dining Services go to the Directory.




Chef Ty White, NPS Alumni – Class of 1996

Clans: Ta’neezahnii, Honaghaahnii, Ma’ii deeshgiizhnii, Todik’ozhi

Mr. White is originally from Wheatfields, AZ. Chef Ty is a Navajo Prep Alumni ‘Class of 96’, Associates degree in Business and Science from Dine College, Theological Native American Studies from Cook’s College in Tempe, AZ, Certified Chef  from Scottsdale Culinary Arts from the Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, AZ. Chef Ty is also on the administrative staff  and enjoys volunteering his time with the community activities and is the owner of Ty’s Kitchen & Catering for more than 15 years!

Chef Ty White is a single parent with two children and also raising his nephew.
Bryce White (son) Navajo Prep Alumni c/o 2015, presently serving in the Navy in Newport, VA.
Cole Sandoval (nephew) currently attending Navajo Prep c/o 2019
Angel White (daughter) currently attending Navajo Prep c/o 2021

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