Academic & Career Counseling

Academic Counseling

The Academic Counseling Department is committed to a student-centered guidance program that supports the personal growth of each student in attaining their maximum potential by helping student identify their academic strengths, weaknesses, interests and intellectual abilities.

The Academic Counselor serve as a resource to students, teachers, parents and community groups and provide information for educational planning and course selection.

The Counseling Department complements services provided by the teachers, for instance, New Student Orientation, Freshman and Sophomore Academy, and Senior graduation checks. The Academic Counselor meets with all students individually to review progress and develop future secondary and post-secondary plans.

The Academic Counselor takes an active role in educating parents of their vital role and responsibilities to help student(s) meet greater academic demands while establishing appropriate timelines and goals. Parents are encouraged to help guide and support their student(s) to plan ahead for life after high school.

Contact the Counseling Department

Phone: 505-326-6571 x137
Fax: 505-564-8099

Class Seminars

Class seminars for each grade are held throughout the school year to discuss students’ academic progress while sharing valuable information on college preparation, college applications, financial aid and discussing life issues that students will most likely face after graduation. College exposure opens the mind to new ideas and knowledge, new options and opportunities, new challenges and open new doors to the future.


There are two major college entrance examinations: the SAT Reasoning Test and ACT. The SAT tests critical thinking and problem solving skills in reading, math and writing. The ACT is designed to measure general educational development in English, math, reading and science with writing as optional. Other State assessments measure students’ academic development, career exploration and assesses college readiness.

  • Freshmen: ACT-ASPIRE
  • Sophomore: ACT-PLAN
  • Junior: PSAT; NMSBA, ASVAB
  • Senior: ACT, SAT

Dual Credit

The Academic Counselor assists junior and senior students in enrolling in dual credit classes with San Juan College. This is now a state graduation requirement. The program offers students an opportunity to experience college surroundings while earning college credits.