November 14th, 2018

I want to thank each and everyone of your for your support of the Eagle Football Program this Fall 2018.  This has been the first year that we haven’t lost any students on the priority list….a major thank you goes out to the teachers, residential staff and parents for keeping our Eagles on track.  This year we finished 6-4 which is a great start to rebuild our Eagles up to play at the State Level. We are losing 8 wonderful seniors as they are on their graduation path and will soon be in college. 

These are the students that were chosen for 3A District from our school. 

First Team Offense:  Running Back Kasey James

First Team Offensive Line:  Keithen Woody

First Team O Line:  Jeremy Kindness

First Team Wide Receiver:  Lance Morris

First Team Defense:  

First Team D-Line:  Keanu Reed

First Team Linebackers:  Cole Sandoval, Jeremiah Slim and Adriano Begay

Defensive End:  Herman Gleason and Justin Cly

Offensive Honorable Mention:  Ian Whitehorse, Drueh LiiBilnighaii, Naakaii Brown

Defense Honorable Mention:  Dontrelle Denetso and Skyler Tortalita 

Players were voted on by other coaches and Head Coach. 


Coach Rod 

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