October 10th, 2018

Eagle Beats Publication- Bricks

Navajo Prep K4ASF Bricking that Trash Challenge 
(The Lexus Eco Challenge) 

Navajo Preparatory School took part in the Lexus Eco Challenge last year, and successfully continued to the final round, claiming a position as a winning team. 

This year, we have put together a new team to tackle this challenge., This team consists of Juniors; Sky Harper, Alesia Nez, Kami Atcitty, Keona Hosteen, Filisi Mauga, Kamia Leano. The team also has two Sophomores; Kiera Charley, and Ashantay Griffon. 

The Lexus Eco Challenge challenges students to find an ecological problem in their community, and implement the scientific method to solve this problem. For the first challenge, students must identify a land or water based project. 

The year’s Lexus Eco Team has chosen to tackle the problem of Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a non-biodegradable material which is causing major pollution on land, and in water. The goal of the team is to put Styrofoam to good use. They have decided to build bricks that contain: cardboard and Styrofoam and cement. 

Most of you, students and faculty, may remember seeing students collect your Styrofoam waste products during lunch for two weeks earlier this September. After they collected the Styrofoam, they had to go through the grueling process of cleaning and washing any leftover food on the trays, hence the smell in Ms. Flores’ room. 

Students will then use this bricks to build a patio as part of the school’s mini-garden project by the Hogan. They are really are “Bricking that Trash.” This project is in collaboration with Science G and T’s project on “Going Green” and “Adapt a Hogan School Mini Garden project”. (Sky Harper) 

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