Náátsʼiilid (Rainbow) Scholarship Fund

The following graduates received the Náátsʼiilid Scholarship Award in the amount of $1,000 each:

                1. Parker Jones, Brigham Young University
                2. Tayiah Lewis, University of New Mexico
                3. Jadarius Conn, Arizona State University 
                4. Wheylaya Becenti, University of Oregon 
                5. Logan Reano, Darmouth College
                6.  Joletta Henry, Northern Arizona University  
                7. Hailey Begay, Lamar Community College
Donors pictured are family of Bill Fortner, Krissi and Aubre, Judge Curtis Gurley and Betty Ojaye.
Thank you to all donors: Barbara Crowell-Roy, Eve’s Fund, Summit Insurance, Delores Greyeyes, Wendy Greyeyes, Lloyd Lee, Darrin & Diana Church, Hiroshi & Elsie Iwana and Lukachukai Community School.

The Nááts’íílid (Rainbow) Scholarship Fund is a creation of Betty Ojaye who served 27 years as NPS Head of School from 1991-2018.  She recently stepped aside to enjoy other opportunities.  One of these opportunities is to raise scholarship funds to support the Navajo Preparatory School mission of developing “Yideeską́ą́góóNaat’áanii” – Leaders Now and Into the Future.

Betty Ojaye is a first-generation college-educated person and a farm girl raised along the San Juan River in Shiprock, NM. She was raised with a hard work ethic. Her parents did not speak English, but they encouraged her to attend college and come back to help her people.  Because she believes in the value of a good education, the Nááts’íílid Scholarship Fund was created to assist NPS students with basic expenses in their college freshman year. Every year 95%-100% of the NPS graduates attend colleges and universities across the country.

Sadly, the Navajo Nation unemployment rate is near 50%, compared to 3.9% for the US and slightly under 6% for New Mexico. Many students still live in remote rural areas without running water or electricity. NPS students have high hope and aspirations for completing their college degrees and returning home to give back to their communities. 

Generous people like you can make a tax-deductible scholarship donation to a worthy cause. 

Donations can be made to….
Nááts’iilid (Rainbow) Scholarship Fund
c/o Navajo Preparatory School, Inc.
1220 West Apache Street
Farmington, New Mexico 87401

Contact: Betty Ojaye
[email protected]

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