Navajo Preparatory School has several different types of  scholarships available for students. Each scholarship has its own application process and deadlines set forth each year. Please use the links below to apply for each scholarship.

Náátsʼiilid (Rainbow) Scholarship Fund

Nááts’iilid (Rainbow) Scholarship Fund
c/o Navajo Preparatory School, Inc.
1220 West Apache Street
Farmington, New Mexico 87401

Contact Betty Ojaye for applications (for Seniors ONLY)
[email protected]

Donate https://navajoprep.com/naatsʼiilid-scholarship-fund-rainbow/ 

Eve’s Fund for Native American Health Initiatives

                                                                                                                                                  Eve Erin Crowell (1974-2005)                                                                                                                                                         Commencement Ceremony, UCLA School of Law
May 12, 2002

About Eve’s Fund’s Scholarship Program

The founders of Eve’s Fund for Native American Health Initiatives, the late Dr. Robert Crowell and Barbara Crowell Roy, established the scholarship program in 2011 to honor the memory of their daughter Eve Erin Crowell and to address the significant educational needs of high school students on the Navajo Nation. With support from Eve’s Fund, Navajo Prep helps students prepare for success in college and life beyond.

Since its establishment, Eve’s Fund Scholarship has awarded $60,250 in scholarships to
46 students, some of who have received a scholarship for each of their four years at Navajo Preparatory School.  This academic year, 2020-2021, is the tenth year Navajo Prep students will receive scholarship support from Eve’s Fund, and some students will receive financial aid for each of their four years at Navajo Prep.

To be eligible for assistance from Eve’s Fund, applicants must demonstrate financial need, scholastic potential, and leadership skills. Each Navajo Prep scholarship recipient receives $1,000 or $800 (for day students) to cover the school’s required student fees. Scholarship recipients are selected based on application and supporting materials.

–>Click Here for Eves Fund Scholarship Application SY-2020-2021

Meet 2019-2020 Eve’s Fund Scholars 
Eve’s Fund 2019-2020 Scholarship recipients from left to right, At Top: Lance Gilbert Morris.
Bottom Row: Uriel Benally, Jaden Shirley, Alana Smith, Keona Hosteen, Isaac Yazzie, Kenny Sloan, Isaiah Morris, Joshua Begay, Kalani Williams, Natalyn Yazzie, Sky Harper (Not shown: Kimberlynnibah Yazzie). Photo courtesy of Navajo Prep.

SY 2019-2020 Eve’s Fund Scholarship Recipients
Ten of these thirteen students received the scholarship for the first time and three students continued from previous years. 

Joshua Begay (Sophomore)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Uriel Benally (Freshman)
Keonna Hosteen (Senior)
Sky Harper (Senior)
Isaiah Morris (Junior)
Lance Gilbert Morris (Senior)
Jaden Shirley (Junior)
Kenny Sloan (Junior)
Alana Smith (Sophomore)
Kalani Williams (Sophomore)
Isaac Yazzie (Junior)
Kimberlynnibah Yazzie (Sophomore)
Natalyn Yazzie (Freshman)


Eve’s Fund for Native American Health Initiatives promotes literacy, injury prevention, mental health and educational programs for young Native Americans. It was established in 2005 by the parents of Eve Erin Crowell, the late Dr. Robert M. Crowell, a retired neurosurgeon, and Barbara Crowell Roy. Navajo Prep School thanks Eve’s Fund for this generous annual support which helps students receive a quality education. 

Click here to learn more about Eve’s Fund and to donate: http://evecrowellsfund.org/   
Please follow us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/EvesFund/









San Juan Rotary Club

2018-19  Recipient – Baahozohnii Largo and Shawna Becenti, Head of School

The San Juan Rotary Club of San Juan County, NM awards one $500.00 scholarship each year to an incoming freshman student. San Juan Rotary Club members are business and professional leaders who volunteer in their communities and promote world understanding and peace. It is a service organization and one of the criteria of the scholarship is that students must be involved either on campus or in their hometown communities.

Left to Right: Joann Begay, Dean of Student Affairs, Shawna Becenti, Head of School, Baahozohnii Largo, Scholarship Recipient for 2018-2019 and Daniel Evans, President of the San Juan Rotary Club.

SY 2020-2021 Award Recipient: 

SY 2019-2020 Award Recipient:  Shayleigh Jim

SY 2018-2019 Award Recipient: Baahozohnii Largo

Clans: Ashiihi, Kinyaanii, Todichinii, Tsayiskidnii

“Hello, my name is Baahozohnii Largo. I come from a small community called Casamero Lake. Most of the people in my community never attended college or finished high school. I feel like me receiving this scholarship would help kids understand that they don’t have to be rich to get a good education and that they start taking education seriously. I hope to achieve a lot of things. For one I would like to get all A’s. For higher education I’m currently aiming for LA Film School. There I hope to study animation, audio technology, and graphic designing. I feel like this scholarship will help bring me one step closer by eliminating some financial hardships. Now I can apply myself more towards my academics and hopefully, accomplish my goals. Thank you very much San Juan Rotary Club for supporting my efforts in school.”




Office of Dine Youth

If you are seeking scholarship information for attending Navajo Preparatory School, you may contact the Department of Dine Education, Office of Dine’ Youth in Window Rock, Arizona at (928) 871-6518 . The high school preparatory school application is located under the download text. If you have been selected to receive a scholarship award, please submit your award letter notification to Navajo Preparatory School Business Office as soon as possible for proof of the scholarship award.




The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships to American Indian and Alaska Native college students seeking under- graduate and graduate degrees at: – Tribal colleges & universities – All nonprofit & accredited schools:

  • Tribal colleges and universities
  • All non-profit & accredited schools
  • DEADLINE – Full Circle scholarship applications are accepted every year from Jan 1 – May 31. The American Indian College Fund determines student eligibility and awards the scholarships. All applicants are emailed an award or denial notice by August. Those applicants who are chosen to receive a scholarship will also receive a mailed notice to the address listed on their applications.


Souder Miller & Associates


SMA supports lasting positive goals in tribal communities by bridging our commitment to providing successful projects with an active investment into tribal capacity development. SMA  contributes to capacity development through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) scholarships to Native American undergraduate students, through mentoring and through hiring practices.

The SMA STEM Scholarship program has now contributed $113,500 to 24 undergraduate students. Our team of professionals also donate time and resources to important student functions including sponsoring the New Mexico RES Conference Student Day, mentoring at the Santa Fe Indian School, mentoring students through their efforts to pursue STEM careers and even hosting several college interns each semester in the office.

Souder, Miller & Associates offers a $1,500 scholarship opportunity to Native American students pursuing a four-year degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. The scholarship may be used for tuition, fees, books or on-campus housing/meals. Automatic approval for up to a maximum of four academic years is at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.

Eligible scholarship applicants must be:

  • Enrolled member of a Pueblo or Tribe and a high school graduate by June 2021 who has been accepted by an accredited U.S. college or university, or
  • Enrolled member of a Pueblo or Tribe and a college STEM student currently enrolled at an accredited college or university.

Any questions regarding the program should be forwarded to the scholarship committee at: [email protected]