Student Services

Navajo Preparatory School provides great additional support services to promote student success through a healthy living environment and extra support through the Academics program where after-school assistance is provided such as tutoring and study hall.

On campus, the Betty Ojaye Student Center, where most of our student support services are located, is nearing completion. One of our newest facilities is a large comfortable dining hall serving nutritional meals with a great outside view of our school campus.

The McKenzie School Based Health Center has expanded their space in the new building and additional services have been added since opening in 2003. Partnerships have been established by working with local outside communities for optimal health care services.

Our students can now enjoy a beautiful library for their leisure reading and studying. The library has several wonderful artwork pieces throughout the main room, with more display locations to promote reading. The new building has a central area for the support staff so students and parents have easy access.

Transportation services cover a large geographical area of the Navajo Nation and local transportation is provided.

Special Education

The Special Education Program at Navajo Preparatory School provides services to students who meet the criteria of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).  These services support the unique learning needs of each student, and are defined in an Individualized Education Plan (IEP ) by a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT).  The team includes the student, parent, a regular education teacher, a school administrator, the special education teacher and related services personnel, such as a speech language therapist, if necessary.

Special Education organizes all services for students in the program.  In keeping with the School’s mission of preparing students for higher education, she works closely with Regular Education teachers, parents, the counselor and administrators to ensure that students are successful in the school’s rigorous academic program.