Tasha Racawan-Dean of Instruction

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Ms. Racawan is originally from Farmington, New Mexico and received her B.A. in Social Science from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. She received her M.A. in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix and is currently enrolled in Northern Arizona University’s M.Ed Educational Leadership program through the American Indian Leadership Cohort (AILC).

Roxanne Lee- Asst. Dean of Instruction/IB Coordinator

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Ms. Lee is from Upper Fruitland, New Mexico and a 1995 graduate of Navajo Preparatory School. Ms. Lee received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fort Lewis College and her Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Arizona State University.

Margaret Staggers – Registrar

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Mrs. Staggers is originally from Shonto, Arizona and is a 2009 graduate of Central Texas College. Mrs. Staggers received an Associates Degree in General Studies and is currently working toward her Bachelor’s Degree.

Daniel Jones – Academic Counselor

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Mr. Daniel Jones is originally from Beclabito, New Mexico. Mr. Jones received his Bachelor of Arts from New Mexico State University. He went on to obtain a Master of Arts in Education – Educational Leadership and Master of Arts in Guidance & Counseling both from New Mexico Highlands University. Mr. Jones is a licensed School Counselor and Mental Health Counselor.

Rainy Crisp – Athletic Director

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Rainy Crisp is from Shiprock New Mexico. Rainy graduated from Navajo Prep in 1998 and attended Arizona State University. After getting her degree in Exercise Science/Secondary Education, she came back to Navajo Prep and begin her teaching career in Physical Education & Health. Throughout the 11 years, Ms. Crisp also taught Fitness Training, Junior/Senior Seminar, was a Class Sponsor multiple of times, the Tobacco Use, Prevention, and Control Coordinator, and a Coach. In 2013 Ms. Crisp received her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from American College of Education and in 2016 received her Administrative License.

Tarra Hammons – Special Education Coordinator

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Mrs. Hammons is originally from Guyana, South America but has been residing in the Four Corners for last 30 years. Mrs. Hammons attended the University of Guyana and received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in English and Spanish. In addition, Mrs. Hammons received her Master’s in Education Degree from Indiana University and her endorsement in School Administration from Western New Mexico University.

Tami Jo Bechdol – Librarian

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Mrs. Bechdol is originally from Farmington, NM.  She received her Bachelor of University Studies degree from the University of New Mexico and her Master of Information and Library Science from the University of Arizona.

Judith Griffin – Study Hall Monitor

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NIHI IINA (Social Studies) Department

 Lesley Tohtsoni – US History & Senior Seminar

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Mrs. Lesley Tohtsoni is originally from State College Pennsylvania. Mrs. Tohtsoni received her Master of Arts in Education from New Mexico Highlands University.

Denise Yazzie – Navajo Culture, NM/AZ History, & Native American Studies

Ms. Denise Yazzie is originally from Chinle, Arizona. Ms. Yazzie received her Masters of Education degree from Northern Arizona University.

Larry Sorensen- US Government & History of the Four Corners

E-mail: moc.p1503434572erpoj1503434572avan@1503434572nesne1503434572rosl1503434572

Mr. Larry Sorensen is originally from West Lafayette, Indiana. Mr. Sorensen received his Bachelor of Arts from Purdue University.

Hiroshi Iwanna- Spanish I

E-mail: moc.p1503434572erpoj1503434572avan@1503434572annaw1503434572ih1503434572

Mr. Iwanna is originally from Osaka, Japan and graduated from Chuo University in Tokyo with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in American English Literature. Mr. Iwanna received his Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from California State University in San Bernardino.

Creative Communications Department

Jeff Young – Department Team Leader, English I & II

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Mr. Jeffrey Young is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mr. Young received his Masters degree from New Mexico State University.

Cheryl Wolfe – IB English II and Theory of Knowledge

E-mail: moc.p1503434572erpoj1503434572avan@1503434572eflow1503434572c1503434572

Mrs. Cheryl Wolfe is originally from Satanta, Kansas. Mrs. Wolfe received her Bachelor of Arts in English at Oklahoma Panhandle State University and her Master of Arts in Teaching at Western New Mexico University.

Myrna Mendoza – IB English I and Journalism

E-mail: moc.p1503434572erpoj1503434572avan@1503434572azodn1503434572emm1503434572

Mrs. Mendoza was recruited in the Philippines by the Jefferson Public School System of Louisiana to teach ESL in the Jefferson Parish (2008-2012). She has worked as a Special Education teacher in Shiprock Associated School Incorporated (2012-2014). Mrs. Mendoza joined NPS August 2014. Her areas of endorsement are in Tesol, SPED, and Language Arts. She has been teaching since 1990 with high school and college students. Other credentials include: Master of Arts in Literature, Master in Special Education, Doctor of Education major in English Language Teaching. Mrs. Mendoza has 4 children and is happily married for 19 years.

Rose Fasthorse Nofchissey – Navajo Language

Rose Fasthorse Nofchissey is originally from Shiprock, NM, graduated from Shiprock High School. Rose received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Secondary Education from the University of New Mexico with coursework in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Bilingual Education, Navajo Linguistics and teaching reading. Rose also took Educational Leadership courses from Northern Arizona University.

Kyle R. Joe-Graphic Design & Visual Arts

Mr. Kyle R. Joe has been a lifetime resident of Farmington, New Mexico. He graduated from The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) with a Bachelor of Cinematic Arts. Mr. Joe has recently become certified in Secondary Education and has been teaching for two years. His hobbies which include Film Making, Creating Artwork, Japanese monsters, Japanese Super Heroes, and Comic Book Conventions. His interests are what inspire him to pursue his passion for creativity. He looks forward to awakening the creative power within the fantastic students of Navajo Preparatory. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” ~Walt Disney


Mavis Yazzie

E-mail: moc.p1503434572erpoj1503434572avan@1503434572eizza1503434572ym1503434572

Mrs. Mavis Yazzie is originally from Sweetwater, Arizona and a 1991 graduate of Navajo Academy. Mrs. Yazzie received her Masters degree from the University of New Mexico.

Donna Fernandez

E-mail: moc.p1503434572erpoj1503434572avan@1503434572zedna1503434572nrefd1503434572

Mrs. Fernandez is originally from Northern California and is from the Elem Indian Colony – Southeastern Pomo in Clearlake Oaks, CA. She grew up in both Southern and Northern California and loves the beaches. Mrs. Fernandez graduated from Lower Lake High School in 1988 with honors from the National Honor Society. She chose to attend Santa Rosa Junior College after high school then transferred to the University of California, Davis. One of the reasons she chose both colleges besides the fact that they are great colleges is to be within driving distance of her parents and grandparents. Mrs. Fernandez graduated from UC Davis in 1994 with a BA in two majors – Mathematics and Native American Studies. She currently resides in Bloomfield, NM on the Navajo Nation with her family.


Ursula Messano

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Jessica Nez

E-mail: moc.p1503434572erpoj1503434572avan@1503434572zenj1503434572

Ms. Jessica Nez is originally from Haystack, NM and is a graduate of Fort Lewis College where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Teaching K-12. Her clans are Towering House People, born for Weavers, maternal grand-father is Red Running Into the Water and paternal grandfather is Water Flows Together. Ms. Nez enjoys riding horses, reading and playing basketball. Her goals for the year are to help students be the best they can be to reach their own goals. Ms. Nez’s favorite quote is “The sky’s the limit.”

Science Department

Kevin Keeley

E-mail: moc.p1503434572erpoj1503434572avan@1503434572yelee1503434572kk1503434572

Mr. Kevin Keeley is originally from Utah. Mr. Keeley received his Master of Education from the University of Phoenix.

Yolanda Flores

E-mail: moc.p1503434572erpoj1503434572avan@1503434572serol1503434572fy1503434572

Ms. Flores is originally from Baguio City, Philippines. She received her Master of Arts in Teaching Biology from Saint Louis University.

Errin Smith-Computer Science

E-mail: moc.p1503434572erpoj1503434572avan@1503434572htims1503434572e1503434572

Mrs. Smith is originally from Ganado, Arizona. Her clans are Deeshchii’nii (Start-Of-The-Red-Streaked People), born for Tábąąhá (Water’s Edge Clan). Mrs. Smith graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing with a minor in Art from Fort Lewis College. She is also alumni from San Juan College, where she studied Digital Media Arts and Technology. Before coming to Prep, Mrs. Smith worked at the Farmington Daily Times in Advertising, where she used print and digital technologies. With constant technology changes and advancements, Mrs. Smith hopes to inspire students at Prep.