Governance & Administration Organizational Chart

The Governance & Administration Organizational Chart displays the hierarchy of NPS Administration rolls. The first page of the downloadable pdf will show you the hierarchy from the Board of Trustees through to Administration. The second page displays you the hierarchy of the Administration department beginning with the Executive Director.

Administration Staff Biographies

Betty Ojaye

Head of School

Clans: Kinyaa’aanii, Naakaii Dine’e, Kinlichiinii, Naneesht’ezhi.

Ms. Ojaye is from Shiprock, NM. Ms. Ojaye has received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), Master of Arts in Counseling from the University of New Mexico (UNM) and Ed.S. Educational Administration, UNM, and has worked on Post Graduate studies at Arizona State University (ASU). She has served in the administrative capacity at Navajo Prep School for 25 years. Ms. Ojaye was the recipient of the 2007 New Mexico Woman Hall of Fame Inductee. She is married to Earl Crisp and has three daughters, four grandsons and one granddaugher.

Ceceilia Tso

Development Coordinator

Clans: Tó’aheedlíinii and Naakaii Diné

Ms. Tso’s family is from Lukachukai, Arizona. Ceceilia created her own company Tso Consultants, LLC. which trains tribes in Indigenous Ontological Leadership a professional development leadership training. Ceceilia also taught Leadership in China for 6 weeks at the World Academy for Women. Previously she was at the University of Utah for almost 15 years in various capacities working with faculty and staff to develop funding. While at the College of Education she was the Director of the American Indian Teacher Education Collaboration (AITEC), working with American Indians to become teachers. Since 2008 Ceceilia has works with the federally registered model evidenced based program “Strengthening Families Program” as the only American Indian Trainer of Trainers/Evaluator. She works with tribes in Canada and the USA to assist in obtaining funding to implement the SFP Program to Indigenous communities. She has one daughter in Utah and a son in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is currently working on her doctoral degree. 


Dean of Instruction


Joann Begay

Dean of Student Affairs


Leland Becenti

Dean of Student Life



Director of Human Resources


Chef Ty White

Director of Food Services

Clans: Ta’neezahnii, Honaghaahnii, Ma’ii deeshgiizhnii, Todik’ozhi

Mr. White is originally from Wheatfields, Arizona. Chef Ty is a Navajo Prep Alumni ‘Class of 96’, Associates degree in Business from Dine College, Theological Native American Studies from Cook College in Tempe, AZ, and Certified Chef from Scottsdale Culinary Arts from the Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, Arizona. Chef Ty has served on the administrative staff for three years and enjoys volunteering his time with the community activities. He is the owner of Ty’s Kitchen & Catering for ten years! Ty White is single, has two kids and loves the great outdoors!

Stacy Irwin

Support Services Director


Sheryl John

Business Manager

Clans Hooghan lani (Many Hogans), Tachii’nii (Red running into the water), Ashiihi (Salt), Tsenahabilnii (Sleep Rock)

Sheryl John is from Shiprock, NM. Mrs. John received her Associates degree in Business Administration from San Juan College.  Sheryl started her employment with NPS as our  JV Girls Basketball coach from 2007 – 2014.  She then was hired for full-time Payroll/Travel/HR Specialist from 2011-2016 and finally hired as our Business Manager in April 2016.  Sheryl has gained 8 years of experience working with companies in the Business Management area of Accounts Payable/Receivable, Payroll and General HR duties.  She is married to James John and has three children.

Lander Morris

Instructional Technology Specialist/IT

ClansKinyaa’aanii Nishłį́ Tábąąhá Báshíshchíín, Hashtł’ishnii Dashíchei Tó’áhání Dashináłí

Mr. Morris is from Naschitti, NM. Lander has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Lander shares with the school over 10 plus years’ experience in the Information Technology and Electronics industry. Prior to coming to Navajo Prep Lander was a Project Test Engineer at Raytheon, Farmington NM he has also worked in different industries in Colorado and Arizona. Lander is married to Kris Morris and has 4 kids.